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government, so overall when you take all the homes, three out of five thunderstorms now in america are backed up by the taxpayers. joe, i find that crazy. does that make me a conservative that i think it's crazy that taxpayers are backing everybody -- why would i? i've got nothing to do with them. >> you sound like you're getting ready to qualify for a job... you have a very significant point here. to ana's point, two things are going on. there are a lot of flippers and bank property investors looking at the market here, that has led to 19% increase in the number of flippers who are buying homes this year as opposed to last year, and a 74% increase over the number of people who are buying homes to flip them, compared to 2011. that's fine if you're looking at a rental market, but not so fine if looking at an ownership market, where you are inflating the price by withholding inventory. the theory is that you're trying to create psychological demand, if the price goes up, people assume it's valuable, you get more people on the market trying to buy the same thing. the problem that we have here in
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1